Short Courses
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These short courses are provided in conjunction with Helios, the Art techniques Counselling training and Sarane Publishers and training may be provided by qualified facilitators of any of these organisations.


Short course in Art development

This course focusses on the development of basic art skills for the artist; art teacher or art techniques counsellor and it includes:
and Clay work

Duration: Approximately 1 Year

Credits: 9 Credits will be given for your '4th year' in Art techniques Counselling. However this course is more comprehensive.

To register:

Registration is handled through the online registration form on our Sarane website. Below the "Short Courses" menu click on "Registrations" and select the relevant course to register online and to receive your first info guide.
You can also go directly to the registration form on the Sarane website by following this link: Register Online.

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Account number: 1098208404