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After completing all the required modules for this course our students can continue with a Masters degree through an American university. Our students can either go overseas and study through them. (More info is available on request) or alternatively we are in negotiations with the university to start an online Masters program  in South Africa. This is a timely process but we believe that it will be available to our students soon. A minimum of twenty-five students will be required for the program to continue.  Our course is thus acknowledged by them.

Once our students have completed their Masters program in Expressive Art Therapy, they have to apply for accreditation of their qualification from SAQA in South Africa and thereafter for registration as Art Therapist at the HPCSA, meeting all their requirements.


In South Africa our training is an entry/mid level training (depending on how many modules you complete) based on the completion of several short modules in Art Counselling and enable our students to register as Counsellors and working as such.

We are currently working towards SETA and SAQA accreditation in SA.


(Counsellors in South Africa and all over the world work under the protection of the World Health Wellness law 22/2007

Our scope of practice according to this law is: diagnosis, treatment and prevention of physical and mental problems)


This course is done for the NPC (Non Profit Corporation) of the USA, AMO in Southern Africa.

Authority Certificate:

AMO is also registered as a NPO in South Africa.


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