About us
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This training is given in collaboration with Signa Academy and AMO (NPC of Nebraska USA)

After our course you can continue with a Masters through the online university based in America


The Art Therapy Academy is the first of its kind in South Africa to give comprehensive training in Art Therapy. Up to now all art therapists in South Africa had to receive their training overseas. Training in South Africa in art therapy are mostly a short course stretched over a few days.

At the Art Therapy Academy you can now receive pre-graduate training as an art counsellor in South Africa. 

Our training is very field specific and very practical. As some of our courses have already received acknowledgement through accreditation by UNISA you can be assured that we set a very high standard.

The Registrar of the Art Therapy Academy
Lorette Dye
Lorette Dye has a BA(Psyc) Unisa; BA honors (Psyc) Unisa; MA Psyc

(with specialization in sexual molestation and assessment through play/art) Calvary USA;

BA (CW); Dip (THL); Art training at the Wietske art school. She has been involved with

training for the past 12 years and has written several books. She is a member of the

AATA (American art therapy association)

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