About us
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This training is given in collaboration with AMO (NPC of Nebraska USA and NPO of South Africa)

After our course you can continue with a Masters through an online university based in America (Please note this is still subject to final negotiations)


This training is the first of its kind in South Africa.

Through us you can receive training as in Art Counselling in South Africa through short modules.

The founder:
Lorette Dye
Lorette Dye has a BA(Psyc) Unisa; BA honors (Psyc) Unisa; MA Psyc

(with specialization in sexual molestation and assessment/intervention through play/art) Calvary USA;

BA (CW); Dip (THL); Art training at the Wietske art school. She has been involved with

training for the past 14 years and has written several books. She is a member of the

AATA (American art therapy association)

Lorette was invited as a speaker at the 46th annual Art therapy conference in Minneapolis in America in Jul 2015

Her latest book is titled 'Art therapy across cultural and race boundaries', is published by a leading

British publisher and sold worldwide.

She is the first South African to have this level of international influence in this field

She lived for a time in China as well as in Indonesia.

For AMO she work in ten different African countries.


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