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Lorette Dye founded the ART HEALING ACADEMY in 2009 as a response to the vast need in South Africa and other African countries that she works in. The ART HEALING ACADEMY offers courses in ARTS THERAPIES COUNSELLING including short and long courses:

Our founder: Lorette Dye

  • She has strong academic credentials and is registered: (AATA).

  • Her expertise lies in sexual abuse, working inter-cultural, practical therapy and Art & molestation.

  • She is a published Author and sought-after Speaker.

  • She has trained almost 1000 of overjoyed students since 2003 - (See testimonials under 'Why register').

  • The business funds her charitable work as a Christian Missionary, doing this work for free all across Africa, including in Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Sudan etc. (See more info under 'Why register').

  • She is a mother of three, travelled extensively and believes in the ability of people to make a positive change.

There is a clear distinction in all the helping fields between therapy and counselling. The main differences between Art therapy and Arts therapies counselling are in level of training and registration. Please note that our training is currently not towards registering as an Art Therapist but registering at the ASCHP as a Holistic counsellor using art as modality. (See accreditation for more information).

Profile: Lorette Dye

Lorette Dye is a Counsellor with training in Psychology and Art therapy, a lecturer, a published author and a missionary. She has a BA (Psych), Diploma (THL), BA (CW), MA (Psych) (with specialization in Art Therapy and the effects of sexual molestation).
She is a sought-after speaker and was invited to speak at the 46th AATA annual conference in Minneapolis, USA on intercultural working in Art Therapy. Her book titled 'Art therapy / Using Art techniques across cultural and race boundaries' was published in 2017 by a leading British publisher (Jessica Kingsley Publisher). She is also the author of "The Strepco-approach to therapy" (with a chapter on Art therapy).

She founded the Art Healing Academy in South Africa to equip entry or mid-level individuals as Arts Therapies Counsellors (not as Art Therapists), using art as a medium to do counselling with individuals or groups. Lorette's passion is to make a difference by helping disadvantaged communities across Africa through Art Therapy. Her missionary work has taken her across ten different African countries, where she delivers training in Counselling including in Art therapy. Lorette has lived in China as well as in Indonesia, and currently resides in South Africa.


Art Therapy Across Cultural and Race Boundaries book cover


photo of Lorette behind the podium speaking on Art Therapy


Photo at the 46th AATA annual conference in Minneapolis, USA on intercultural working in Art Therapy


Some of our competitors are seeking to form a cartel in South Africa, partly in order to maintain the high prices they charge to wealthy individuals and corporates. This excludes many ordinary South Africans who wish to learn about and acquire skills in the field of Arts therapies, in order to support people in their communities. Unfortunately, the cartel has embarked on a campaign of harassment against us. The matter has now been taken up with our lawyers for resolution. Please call 0822996926 or email if you have any further questions about our services.